Sunday, 20 September 2009

Four days to go................

This Is It, there are four days left until the American Road Trip starts. This is where I will be blogging to keep our trip movements updated and will serve as a memory for us as well as a way of communicating without using Facebook.
It is very well documented that my hatred for that site is incredible. I don't want to use it and when I get back I probably may very well not do.
Anyway, I will update this as much as as I can without imposing on the trip itself and it may be that the photos we take will do the majority of the talking.
I am new to blogging but I think its something which needs to be done to document a trip of a lifetime and also because a friend of mine wants me to create a photo journal of his debut book coming along on the trip with us. Until the trip starts check-out:

We are starting the trip in Boston, MA and the first 3 weeks of the trip are going to be incredibly busy so this might be the only post until then but we will catch up.


September 24th 2009: Heathrow, London

September 25th 2009: Boston, MA

September 27th 2009: New York City, NY

October 1st 2009: Washington DC, DC

October 3rd 2009: Orlando, FL

October 9th 2009: Tampa, FL

October 10th 2009: Birmingham, AL

From this date I there is no schedule until November so I will update this and catch up with you all then.


Gary + Charlie